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Attics are special. Most of us who grew up in houses with attics tend to retain a fondness for the space. For children, the attic is a place of mystery and intrigue - a little scary but just close enough for comfort to the familiar bedrooms below. Even 20 or 30 years later, the attic probably keeps some of its allure, at least for the romantics among us.

That fondness can take on new dimensions when your family starts having serious growing pains. Under the pitch of the roof, you could close in a bedroom - small, but fine for a youngster -and add desperately needed living space.

As simple as it sounds, an attic conversion is a complex project where experts are needed. We have been called to numerous jobs over the years where others started an attic conversion but could not finish or ended up causing significant structural damage to the truss and roof system. Just to name a few obvious concerns, the attic's floor may not be structurally up to its new job, there may not be enough headroom, and there's probably no electrical service. In most cases, we can overcome these and other deficiencies and build a well-planned and well-constructed attic conversion that adds wonderful new space to your home that will be enjoyed by your family for a lifetime. To start your attic conversion project call A. E. Fickert at 1-800-299-5531.

Below are descriptions of typical attic remodeling projects and the average costs of those projects. The average costs are provided by the 2004 Remodeling Magazine Cost Report. The cost figures are presented to help set expectations for homeowners contemplating remodeling work. Please note a variety of factors can and will affect the cost of remodeling a home. These cost numbers do, however, provide a general average of what the described project will cost in Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio.

Attic Bedroom - Project Description:

In a house with two or three bedrooms, convert unfinished space in attic to a 15 x 15 foot bedroom and a 5 x 7 foot shower bath. Add a 15-foot shed dormer and four new windows. Insulate and finish ceiling and walls. Carpet unfinished floor. Extend existing heating and central air conditioning to new space. Retain existing stairs.